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Tag: Gloves

Preventing Hand Injuries
Hand injuries are among the most preventable accidents in industry. Jonny and Emily cite statistics and lay out the case for being proactive with safety culture and making sure your team is equipped with gloves that can effectively meet the demands imposed by the task.
Field Guide to Work Gloves
In the space of 10 or 20 years, the world of work gloves has gone from leather, cotton, and Kevlar® to a sophisticated smorgasbord of thousands of varieties and price points that promise varying levels of comfort and protection from mechanical risks ranging from abrasion to splinters to hammer strikes. It's time to take a…
Time to retire your big yeller gloves?
David and Emily discuss the options facing glass workers who have to handle large panes of glass. Some of the gloves shown in this video can be found here: Jersey Glove, Safety Cuff, 3/4 Coverage Latex Coated w/ Nitrile Overdip, A3 - Cut Resistant - Hand Protection - Safety Products | HUB Industrial Supply UltraTech™…
Can You Improve Hand Protection AND Save Money?
Lumber and sawmill workers have relied on leather palm gloves for generations to keep their hands safe. Sam and Danny discuss how string knit gloves can rival the durability and splinter-prevention of leather and bring additional safety value by being more comfortable and enhancing dexterity. Plus, they are washable and reliably consistent from one glove to…