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Flexzilla® Hose vs. Red Hose
Emily takes us back into the HUB break room where some unlikely items are found in the freezer. It's all to demonstrate the difference in the way Flexzilla air hose behaves when the temperature drops. Does your team struggle with airline that won't go where they need it to go? And what happens when the…
Glove Risk Series: Cut Resistance
Bennett describes the ANSI cut test, how to tell if the rating is a true ANSI cut rating, and how improvements in glove technology led to a revision in the test scale. You can read our blog on cut risks HERE.
Glove risk series: Abrasion
Mike Hall is our presenter to explain what abrasion is, how ANSI determines the ratings, and what the ratings do and don't tell you about your glove. Click HERE for more information about abrasion resistance.
Intro to glove risks series
Emily kicks off our series on work glove risks and ratings by giving an overview of the topics to be covered in future episodes. Click HERE for more information on the series.