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Tag: Bennett

Nose-friendly hand sanitizer
We've all lived through a lot of indignities so far this year. First there was no toilet paper available anywhere. Then N-95 masks became impossible to find. And so on. With the disruption of the supply chain, a lot of un-vetted alternatives appeared to meet the demand. Bennett reminds us of how the sudden demand…
MC-Free doesn’t have to mean Results-Free
Since the EPA revised their stance on Methylene Chloride, MC-free paint removers have been trying to fill the gap. Bennett and Heidi compare the effectiveness of HUB's own SpeedStrip™ MC-free paint remover to one of the more popular products in use today to remove mature paint marks on steel. DETAILS OF OFFER: Must use offer code SPEEDSTRIP Offer expires…
Plug vent holes the easy way
Looking for a better way to plug vent holes in your galvanized assemblies? Let Bennett and Jenny show you how. Also, don't miss the special offer at the end of the video! Details of the offer: Buy 2 packs of FastSteel® repair epoxy; get 1 pack free. Must use offer code EASYPLUG Offer expires Nov. 1, 2018 Shop FastSteel® epoxy HERE