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Nose-friendly hand sanitizer

We’ve all lived through a lot of indignities so far this year. First there was no toilet paper available anywhere. Then N-95 masks became impossible to find. And so on. With the disruption of the supply chain, a lot of un-vetted alternatives appeared to meet the demand.

Bennett reminds us of how the sudden demand for hand sanitizer created a parade of products that technically met the requirements for a disinfecting hand gel, but ultimately posed a challenge to the end user due to their unpleasant bouquet and/or leaving behind a sticky film on one’s hands.

Having survived that stage of disruption to the supply chain, HUB is pleased to announce the availability of a hand sanitizer that does what it’s supposed to do without the unpleasant smell or residue. It’s called AloeGienic, and for a limited time we are going to send it to you at a special 4-for-3 offer!

Put at least 4 gallons of hand sanitizer in your shopping cart.
Use offer code SWEETSAN at checkout.
Once the offer code is accepted, you will see a 25% discount applied to each gallon of sanitizer.
Offer valid until Sept. 4, 2020. There is no limit to the number of gallons on this offer.