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Tag: Winter Apparel

How to be an early bird
Shawn and Emily preview the Winter Savings Guide. How do you avoid the stress of not getting the seasonal stuff your team needs because it's on backorder? By ordering ahead of the crowd! HUB has the winter stuff your team will need in a specially curated and value-priced savings guide. Order now and you…
Time to plan for winter!
Jordan and Bennett discuss the release of our latest Winter Savings Guide. We have some new products, some popular favorites, and some old reliables. The important thing is to get your order in soon enough to be sure you'll have it when you need it! See the savings guide HERE.
Breakaway hoods keep your team safe
When you're working around machinery, hoodies are a bad idea. Even though they do a great job of keeping you warm in the rain and cold, it's just too risky to expose yourself to a gruesome accident if that hood happened to get snagged or drawn into the workings of the machine. ...That is, unless…
Gearing Up for Winter
Getting a jump on winter apparel for your team is always a smart idea, but never has it been more essential than when supplies are in a state of disruption as they are this year. David describes our popular 30-60-90 plan and highlights some great options for outfitting the crew for winter weather.
A look at winter gear
David and Kaliegh expand on the 30 - 60 - 90 winter apparel program by highlighting some of the best-selling jackets and sweatshirts you'll want to order in advance to avoid the backorder blues. Watch the video to see how you can secure your order in advance and only get billed for it when it…