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Tag: Sam Helmick

Saving money on hydroblasting supplies
There are a lot of strategies for saving money on the supplies you need to get the job done, and some of the most effective have little to do with finding the lowest price. As Mike and Sam explain in this video, knowing the stuff you really need is going to be available to ship…
Double-Dip PVC Gloves
When you need your gloves to keep your hands dry and protect you from the solvents and chemicals your team encounters, these gloves are a great choice! Sam and Mike make the case for these gloves, and you'll want to watch until the end to hear how you can get free safety glasses with your…
Dumpster care and feeding
Dumpsters don't get a lot of respect in this cruel world. Sam and Jordan want you to know that HUB is a place you can turn to for everything your dumpsters need to thrive and be productive. See our flier that showcases many of the items we offer for dumpsters HERE.