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Tag: Jordan Morrill

Deutsch Connectors
Mike and Jordan wade into a subject that many in waste industry shops are familiar with but wish they knew better how to specify. Deutsch or DT connectors keep the wiring on your equipment organized and manageable, but they come in a bewildering variety of configurations that you may need help figuring out. That's when…
Light your world cordlessly
Mike and Jordan bring you our latest addition in cordless, rechargeable lights. Maxxeon lighting has a wide variety of products with industrial application. Use their versatile task lighting to wash your space with light wherever you need it. Or, put a rechargeable flashlight in your pocket to be ready at any time to…
Safety Triangles
You don't have to speak isosceles to know that safety triangles are a must-have accessory on board your commercial fleet in case of a breakdown. David and Jordan review the proper placement of triangles and how easy they are to order from HUB!
HUB Holiday Promo = Gifts for your team!
Jordan explains the opportunities that are within your grasp with HUB's holiday promo, going on right now. If you purchase items you've never purchased from HUB before and use the offer code HOLIDAY22, you can receive some great gifts to give away to your team just in time for the holidays. Have a look…