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Tag: Episode 293

Big Grip Shop Towels
Emily and Jonny present a new way to deliver shop towels to your team. The Big Grip container is re-usable, comes with brackets and mounting hardware for hanging on a wall, and delivers quality Sellars shop towels. Also available: Clean Task wet wipes and refills.
Cooling vests keep you safe from heat stress
There are a lot of strategies workers use to increase comfort and decrease heat injuries, but most of them are ineffective when you have to wear bulky safety apparel such as cut-resistant jackets. David and Charlie demonstrate a way to make the workplace bearable even in the hottest conditions using phase change technology. Shop EZ…
Breakaway hoods keep your team safe
When you're working around machinery, hoodies are a bad idea. Even though they do a great job of keeping you warm in the rain and cold, it's just too risky to expose yourself to a gruesome accident if that hood happened to get snagged or drawn into the workings of the machine. ...That is, unless…