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Tag: Episode 285

HUB Website Tips and Tricks
When you connect your account on the HUB website, you get access to information that you can use to better understand usage patterns so you can plan or identify potential problems. Jordan shows us how you can access some of the available features. If you want a more in-depth tutorial about the useful features…
Supply Chain Issue of the Week: Galv Paint
As if there weren't enough Covid-related supply chain issues for the manufacturing industry to deal with, a factory explosion is the culprit behind the current shortage of galvanizing paint. Bennett describes the situation and what HUB is doing to keep our customers supplied. Shop our Tru-Galv® Silver Pro HERE.
Get a head start on 2022
Emily wants everyone to start the year off right by taking a look at supplies that you don't always think about. Like changing the batteries in your smoke alarm. Or replacing those plastic hard hats that are getting old and brittle. Or eye wash bottles that have exceeded their expiration date. Watch the video, or…