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Tag: Episode 238

Charge into cold mornings with a jump box!
Never worry about starting cars on a cold morning when you have a jump box to provide the juice. Leigh tells us about the different options available from HUB. Watch the video to find out about how you can get a free pair of gloves if you order your battery equipment this month. Offer expires Nov…
Plug vent holes the easy way
Looking for a better way to plug vent holes in your galvanized assemblies? Let Bennett and Jenny show you how. Also, don't miss the special offer at the end of the video! Details of the offer: Buy 2 packs of FastSteel® repair epoxy; get 1 pack free. Must use offer code EASYPLUG Offer expires Nov. 1, 2018 Shop FastSteel® epoxy HERE
Can you sharpen a carbide-tipped annular cutter?
John runs down HUB's lineup of available annular cutters and explains how easy it is to get your cutters—yes, even your carbide-tipped cutters—sharpened and returned to you with our no-hassles sharpening service. Watch the video to find out this month's offer. Offer ends Oct 16, 2018; must use offer code FLYSHARP. Shop Annular Cutters HERE Email John about…