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Tag: Emily Clark

Preventing Hand Injuries
Hand injuries are among the most preventable accidents in industry. Jonny and Emily cite statistics and lay out the case for being proactive with safety culture and making sure your team is equipped with gloves that can effectively meet the demands imposed by the task.
Field Guide to Work Gloves
In the space of 10 or 20 years, the world of work gloves has gone from leather, cotton, and Kevlar® to a sophisticated smorgasbord of thousands of varieties and price points that promise varying levels of comfort and protection from mechanical risks ranging from abrasion to splinters to hammer strikes. It's time to take a…
Big Grip Shop Towels
Emily and Jonny present a new way to deliver shop towels to your team. The Big Grip container is re-usable, comes with brackets and mounting hardware for hanging on a wall, and delivers quality Sellars shop towels. Also available: Clean Task wet wipes and refills.
A broom that has never yet met its match
Bennett and Emily comment on a video comparison of HUB's unbreakable broom series vs. an ordinary palmyra push broom. The results speak for themselves. Going on now through 9/15/2022, if you buy one of these broom heads, we will send you the head and the handle when you use the offer code. Read about the…
Earn rewards for your team with Buy New 22
Emily and Shawn want to spread the news of the ongoing Buy New 22 promotion that will last until the end of August. Earn points towards premiums by buying items from HUB you've never purchased from us before! Just don't forget to add the offer code BUYNEW22S to every order! More details can be found…
The Opposite of Supply Shortages
Oddly enough, there are still a few items in this era of supply chain issues which we actually have too many of. When our stock hangs around too long, we discount it and put it on our clearance page. Bennett and Emily explain how you can find some real bargains to stock up on!
HUB’s zone defense: Pallet Repair Table
As an example of the depth of HUB's commitment to the pallet industry, Emily and Jonny use the example of a pallet repair station to illustrate all the industry-proven comfort, safety and production items HUB has available to meet your needs. To see the flyer Jonny mentions in the video, click HERE.
Get a head start on 2022
Emily wants everyone to start the year off right by taking a look at supplies that you don't always think about. Like changing the batteries in your smoke alarm. Or replacing those plastic hard hats that are getting old and brittle. Or eye wash bottles that have exceeded their expiration date. Watch the video, or…
More of what you need on one P.O.!
A smart way to hold down costs of supplies is to bundle more items on one purchase order. Just think about how much labor is expended in various departments to bring in supplies. Add to that the shipping costs of packages and deliveries from each of your vendors. David and Emily give an overview of…