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Tag: David Miller

Today’s hot topic: Gloves for the glass industry
Never does a day go by without a conversation about gloves, according to strategic accounts rep Hannah Vaccaro. She and David Miller discuss the specific characteristics needed to protect the hands of glass industry workers in their various roles, from installers to fabricators to the many other varied specialties unique to the industry. If you…
Stone™ Face Shields and Goggles
David has a product suggestion for an innovative face shield that is designed to clip into a comfortable goggle as an alternative to the PETG or Polycarbonate shields you may have been using. These items are purchased separately but are designed to fit together, which can be a cost savings if you have to replace…
Safety Triangles
You don't have to speak isosceles to know that safety triangles are a must-have accessory on board your commercial fleet in case of a breakdown. David and Jordan review the proper placement of triangles and how easy they are to order from HUB!