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Breakaway gloves

Sometimes making a product safer can add unanticipated risks. Gloves are becoming more specialized, and new engineered fibers greatly enhance cut resistance and strength. But some hazards you face are actually made worse if the glove is too sturdy to tear apart—as in a scenario when a finger gets snagged by a spinning object like a drill bit, and the fabric of the glove winds tighter and tighter without breaking—drawing your hand in with it!

John demonstrates an ANSI A4 glove that is built to mitigate that risk by having built-in breakaway joints. Please watch the video to the end to see our special offer for the month of June!


  1. Must use the offer code mentioned in the video.
  2. Offer valid until June 30, 2020.
  3. Offer applies to breakaway gloves found HERE.
  4. When you add 36 or more items of any breakaway gloves listed above to your cart with the offer code applied, you will see a discount of 33% applied to each of the eligible SKUs.