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Does your hearing protection work as advertised?

What happens when you’re doing everything you’re supposed to do to protect worker’s hearing, and then you discover they’re still experiencing hearing loss? A recent study referenced in this episode showed that 45% of Canadian oil industry workers tested were experiencing hearing loss despite rising levels of PPE compliance.  Is part of the problem the result of improper fitting of ear plugs? John weighs in with some suggestions for how you can get improved effectiveness from your hearing protection and a neat trick to help your team hang onto their plugs and safety glasses a little more effectively as well.

Details of offer:

  1. Offer expires Nov. 12.
  2. Offer applies to 1 box of Glide disposable or reusable corded earplugs Must use offer code GLIDERIDE when ordering.
  3. Limit 12 free glasses per purchase.
  4. You must add the glasses (068-011-682) to the order; the price of the glasses will be adjusted to $0.00 after you add the offer code.