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We want your broom to die of old age—not from a crippling injury!

John makes a compelling case for using our unbreakable brooms instead of other styles of brooms out there, because no other broom can handle the careless treatment the average broom must endure in many workplaces. If you could get high-quality broom that was well-made and was unaffected by poor treatment, you’d buy it with confidence, right?

If you aren’t already familiar with our unbreakable brooms, you can browse the different variations here. They all use the same handle with the unbreakable connector, and you have to order the handle and broom separately.

To take advantage of the offer mentioned in the video, you must:

  1. Order 2 brooms and 2 handles or 4 brooms and 4 handles.
  2. Use the offer code FREEHANDLE.
  3. The cost of the handles will reduce to zero after you enter the offer code.
  4. Fist bump your neighbor because you just saved big on unbreakable brooms.
  5. Offer expires 4/17/2016; limit 4 free handles per facility.